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Peden was the Official Equestrian Transport and Logistics Agent for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games

Shows & Events

Peden are Global Leaders in the Transportation Of Sports Horses

Show & Competition Transport Specialists

We specialise in the shipment of large consignments of both competition and race horses to international Shows and Events located across the globe. Our experience results in us being the world leaders in equestrian logistics where we continually demonstrate the successful shipment of high level competition horses and thoroughbreds to Equestrian Events in every corner of the world.

Our Unrivalled Experience

Provision of our services at Olympic Games, World Games, Asian Games, World Cup Finals, World Endurance and other high profile Shows, such as the Global Champions Tour, demonstrates our continued success as the leading International Equine Transport And Logistics provider for Competition Horses.

On the following sub-pages please find further information in regard to the recent and future Shows and Events for which Peden has successfully been appointed as the Official Equestrian Shipping, Quarantine and Logistics Provider.

Current Clients may also access specific information regarding the up and coming Shows via the login area.

Our Outstanding Achievements

Below is a quick summary of the Shows and Events Peden Bloodstock has had the pleasure of being involved with over the recent decades. In the majority of cases Peden Bloodstock has been the Official Appointed Equestrian Shipping Agent responsible for the international transport of all horses, attendants, feed, drugs and equipment to and from the competition:

Olympic and Paralympic Games

Peden have been involved in the Olympic Games for over four decades; and with the Paralympic Games since their inception in 2004.

World Equestrian Games

Peden have been involved in the World Equestrian Games since their inauguration.


Peden Bloodstock have been involved in the endurance sport since its international inception having flown some 170 horses from 42 countries to the 1998 World Endurance Championship in the UAE, a similar number in 2003 and all horses to the World Endurance Championships in Bahrain 2005 and Terengganu, Malaysia in 2008.

Asian Games

Peden Bloodstock shipped the European Union & North American origin horses to the Busan Asian Games in 2002 and Doha Asian Games in 2006.

In 2010 the Asian Games were held in Guangzhou, China. This was the first time international equestrian competition has been held in China and Peden was responsible for co-ordinating the negotiation of health certification for each attending nation to travel to and return from the Games. Competition horses had never before been re-exported from China. This was therefore a major milestone for the equestrian competition world - and one to which Peden has undoubtedly made significant contributions.

World Cup Finals

Peden Bloodstock also coordinated all arrangements for the 2007 World Cup Finals in Kuala Lumpur, the Rolex FEI World Cup™ Jumping and Dressage Finals in Las Vegas 2009 and were the Official Agent of the FEI World Cup™ Jumping and Dressage Finals in Leipzig, Germany 2011.

Global Champions Tour & Brazil

Peden Bloodstock were the Official Shipping Agent for the Global Champions Tour Final in Brazil in August 2010. The majority of horses competing were of European Origin. Peden Bloodstock worked intensely with the European Commission to facilitate movement of these horses to and from Brazil to ensure the success of this major Show Jumping event.

Peden have always been the Official Agent for the Athina Onassis Show in Rio and continue this in 2012.

Peden Bloodstock continues to work with the GCT having shipped horses to their events in Doha and Abu Dhabi.


In 2010 the first international equestrian competition was held in mainland China. This was the first time horses have been re-exported from China to their country of origin.

Peden Bloodstock worked closely with Chinese government officials, airport stakeholders and vets in the EU, China and across the hub countries throughout Asia to facilitate the establishment and use of an equine disease free zone in Conghua, China for the period of the Asian Games in 2010. Peden were responsible for leading the negotiation to establish successful certification for horses travelling to and returning from the Games.

Peden Bloodstock are now successfully shipping horses to China as equestrian sport rapidly develops in Asia.