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1. How do I make a booking for a flight?

Please contact Peden Bloodstock by telephone, email or using the enquiry form. Just let us know where you want to go and when and we will provide you with a quotation and further information on the flight options and health requirements for moving your horse.

2. Do Peden operate flights worldwide?

Yes. Wherever your horse is based in the world we will arrange the entire travel package. We will ensure that the transport is undertaken to the very highest standards whilst challenging the costs; thereby providing safe, efficient and affordable first class travel for your horse.

3. I just want to travel across Europe can Peden help?

Yes. We have specialised partners who use only the most modern trucks, of the highest standards & quality, with only the most experienced drivers.

We can either make the transport and health arrangements for you or we can put you in touch with our partners specialising in Pan-European horse Transport.

4. Can you help me with bookings for the ferry or Eurotunnel?

Yes. Peden Bloodstock is able to arrange ferry crossings between UK and Ireland; and UK and the European Continent.

Peden Bloodstock is one of a limited number of agents who are authorised by Eurotunnel to make bookings for the shuttle.

Please contact us if you wish to make a booking.

5. Do Peden fly all types of horse and pony?

Yes. We fly any type of horse or pony. Whether it be a miniature Shetland, World Class competition horse, riding horse or mule. Every horse receives the absolute best of care with Peden.

We also have experience flying cattle, goats and sheep.

6. My mare is in-foal is she still allowed to fly?

According to guidelines a pregnant mare should not be transported long distances after 300 days of gestation. Beyond this date there is a risk to the health & welfare of both dam and unborn foal.

7. Can I transport my older horse?

There is no fixed age restriction for animal transport.

However, your horse should be in an overall healthy condition and Peden Bloodstock will liaise with your veterinary surgeon to determine this at the start of the pre-export process.

8. Who will arrange all the blood tests for my horse?

Peden will liaise directly with your veterinarian and laboratory to ensure that the necessary tests are completed.

For more information please visit our Laboratories and Sampling page.


9. Will Peden arrange quarantine?

Yes. Peden will make all the arrangements on your behalf. Should a new quarantine facility be required Peden is able to work with your government veterinarians to facilitate this.

For more information please visit our Quarantine and Staging Posts page.

10. What about insurance for the flight?

Normal insurance policies do not usually cover your horse for flight. We recommend that you discuss your specific requirements with your own insurance company. Alternatively Peden can make these arrangements for you at your request.

11. Who will arrange my horse’s paperwork and bring it to the airport?

Peden will arrange all export documentation in the country of origin; all necessary transit documentation; and documentation for the import of your horse into the country of destination.

12. Can my tack and horse equipment travel with my horse?

Yes. You should advise Peden Bloodstock in advance that you also wish to send your equipment on the aircraft. There will be some additional security requirements and customs formalities which must be adhered to. However Peden will ensure that these are advised to you prior to travel so that we can secure successful shipment.

13. How early should my horse arrive at the airport before the flight?

Peden Bloodstock will liaise with you regarding the time which you horse should arrive at the airport.  The delivery time varies according to the exporting airport. Normally it is between 4 – 5 hours prior to the flight.

If you wish your horse can also be stabled prior to departure either at, or near to, the airport which will enable them to rest before the flight. Please liaise with Peden Bloodstock should you wish us to make these arrangements for you.

14. Will Peden be at the airport?

Yes. A Peden representative will always be at the airport to take care of all formalities, and to assist with and supervise the entire import and/or export operation.

15. Should my horse wear a rug on the flight?

The aircraft cargo area is maintained at 17°C by our professional grooms and the aircraft crew who control the temperature of the aircraft to ensure maximum comfort for the horses.

Inside the airstable itself it is warmer, depending on the number of horses.

If your horse is wearing a rug on the aircraft, please ensure that there are NO fillet strings attached to the rug and that it can be easily removed if required. We recommend horses travel without rugs.

16. Will my horse need to be sedated before flying?

Normally this is not necessary. Our experienced grooms provide the reassurance that a nervous horse requires to have a safe and comfortable flight. 

17. How large is the flight container?

The containers of the aircraft models B747 and MD11 are standardised and have the same dimensions:

Length: 294 cm
Width 234 cm
Height 232 cm

Space per horse if 3 horses are in one container: This is described as a SINGLE stall - Width approximately 75 cm

Space per horse if 2 horses are in one container: This is described as a WIDE stall - Width approximately 115 cm

For more information please visit our Air Transportation page.

18. Who will accompany my horse on the flight?

We would recommend that one of our professional flying grooms accompanies your horse however you as the client will have the option on some airlines to nominate an alternative competent person to accompany your horse.

For more information please visit our Professional Flying Grooms page.

19. Can I accompany my horse/s during the flight?

On some occasions this may be possible and should be discussed with our team.

20. Will my horse be able to eat and drink during the flight?

Yes we recommend that horses are provided with hay nets for the journey. Water should also accompany your horse and will either be suspended in a bucket from the stall, or will be offered to your horse at frequent intervals throughout the flight.

21. Are there hay/hay nets and water canisters/buckets available at the airport for my horse?

We recommend that hay nets, water canisters and water buckets are brought to the airport with your horse. However should you prefer we will arrange this for you. We will advise clients on a case by case basis of the provisions that should be brought to the airport with your horse.

22.When my horse arrives at the airport of destination what happens next?

On arrival at the airport of destination your horse and the accompanying attendant will be met by a Peden representative who will take care of all import formalities including customs and veterinary requirements. On completion of formalities Peden will arrange the transfer of your horse to your chosen destination or post arrival quarantine as required.