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Horses relaxing after arrival into Hong Kong

Health Protocol Negotiation

Facilitating Global Equine Movement

As a result of the worldwide increase in popularity of equestrian sport the chosen destinations for international competitions and events are becoming increasingly novel. Concurrently the FEI Show Calendar is ever more demanding with many FEI Sports horses now acquiring a substantial number of Air Miles within each Competition Season.

Exploring A Revised Approach

Before a horse is permitted to move from country to country it is necessary to meet the health requirements which have been stipulated by the country of destination. Such health requirements will depend on the health status of the country of origin and of the country of destination; and may include:

• Pre-export supervision
• Pre-export residency periods completed in specified countries
• Pre-export quarantine
• Pre-export testing (blood samples, nasal swabs etc)
• Vaccinations

Establishing & Simplifying Protocols

Peden Bloodstock works with government veterinarians in the country of origin and country of departure to establish:

New health protocols where there has previously been none, therefore allowing travel of equines to new destinations

Revision of health protocols to ensure that they are sensible and risk based thereby facilitating travel whilst protecting global equine health