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vaccination of a horse


Everything you need to know...

Global Variation

In order to travel, race or compete horses must meet certain vaccination requirements. When transporting a horse these requirements vary depending on the country of origin and the country of destination.

Sports Variation

There is particular variation in equine influenza vaccination protocols for sport and travel. Below are some examples. Remember to always obtain specific and up-to-date advice from your veterinarian and Official Body of Sport before embarking on a vaccination regime as the protocols may change.

1. FEI

Primary Course: Interval of 21-92 days
First Booster: within 7 months of the 2nd primary dose
Annual boosters & all horses should be vaccinated within 6 months and 21 days of arrival at an FEI event
No vaccination permitted within 7 days prior to arrival at an FEI event

2. British Horse Racing Authority

For more information on Equine Influenza Control please click here.

3. Hong Kong

Primary course: 4-6 weeks
First Booster: within 12 months of the primary course
Annual boosters

4. UAE

Primary Course: Interval of 21-42 days. Both doses SAME vaccine type.
First Booster: within 12 months of a certified primary course & subsequent Annual Boosters required.

Warning: The final dose must not be older than 60 days (for permanent export) and 90 days (for temporary export). The primary vaccination and booster shots must all be documented in the passport.

Please note: These pages are intended as guidance only and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed.