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Sample Submission

Laboratories & Sampling

Everything you need to know..

Below please find information related to Sample handling and submission as well as contact details for the commonly used laboratories.

Please note: These pages are intended as guidance only and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

1. Sample Submission

The quality of sample determines the quality of the results.

Serology specimens

When possible, all samples should be spun and separated, refrigerated, then shipped with cool packs. The use of an overnight courier service helps ensure sample quality.

Samples sent on the clot must be received within one to two days or haemolysis of the red blood cells could interfere with the ability to test.

Do not allow blood to overheat or freeze before serum extraction

Submit at least 2ml of serum per test required.

EVA semen samples

Immediately following collection, the semen should be refrigerated on crushed ice or on freezer packs for transport to the laboratory with a minimum of delay. Ideally a minimum of 10ml of semen should be submitted.

2. Laboratories 

Please find below Laboratory information.


For more information please visit the Laboratory Böse website.

The Submission Form can be viewed here. (click on export submission form)

Please note on the submission form that results should be copied to Peden Bloodstock and we will monitor results for you. Please inform us that you have named us on your submission form.

The address for shipping samples is Labor Dr Bose GmBH, Carl-Zeiss-Str. 6, DE-31177 Harsum, Germany.

Please click here for Tests Available

United Kingdom

For more information please visit the Veterinary Laboratories Agency website.

The General Submission Form can be viewed here.

List of all tests available can be viewed here. Click on the test to open the link providing further details of test details including turn around times.

For information on Equine serology price list please click here.

For information on Equine virology price list please click here

For information on Equine Other Specialist tests price list please click here


For more information please visit Lelystad Central Veterinary Institute

The Submission Form can be viewed here  (at the bottom of the page, click on the general submission form)

The samples should be sent together with the fully filled-in submission form to: Central Veterinary Institute, P.O.Box 65, 8200 AB Lelystad, the Netherlands.

Alternatively the samples can be hand delivered to DSU Department, Houtribweg 39, 8221 RA Lelystad, the Netherlands.


For more information please visit National Veterinary Services Laboratory

Please contact us if we can assist in locating the test and submission form.