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Equine Athletes arriving in Hong Kong for the Olympic Games

Transport & Logistics

The Equine Transport & Logistics Experts

Peden Bloodstock provide optimal solutions to obtain the most suitable, viable and economic means of transport to and from your event, working with their vast alliance of partners both worldwide and locally.

Our Role as The Official Transport, Health & Logistics Provider

On receipt of instructions Peden Bloodstock will coordinate and lead all aspects of transport, health and logistics related to the movement of the horses, their equipment, feed and bedding. We also work with the Authorities worldwide to ensure that the customs and immigration requirements are fulfilled.

In regards to attendants and veterinarians Peden Bloodstock take care of establishing and facilitating the entry and registration of all such personnel to enable them to accompany the horses during transport and maintain them in their care whilst in the country of competition.

The continued loyalty of Organising Committees Worldwide is an undoubted endorsement of our absolute success in this field.

The Venue Logistics Experts

Peden possess a unique team of equestrian venue logistics specialists who can provide a specialist service at events around the world or supplement and support local venue logistics teams as required.

Peden Bloodstock have always spent a considerable amount of time working with Organising Committees on layout and practical logistics issues relating to back of house venue operations (specifically in the stabling and unloading areas) based on our significant experience.


Our Specialist Logistics Services

Peden Bloodstock provide services which include:

  • Establishment of stabling requirements
  • Establishment of venue/stable layout
  • Provision of stable plans
  • provision of tack rooms
  • fodder and hay storage facilities
  • The logistics of running the stables


Our Specialist Staff

Peden Bloodstock provide highly experienced staff who will work alongside your event personnel. We are able to provide:

  • Quarantine Officials
  • Stable Managers
  • Feed Managers
  • Co-ordinators
  • Logistics Managers


We Are Airport & Venue Security Experts

The emergence of a new security conscious era has also seen high profile Show and Competition Venues progressively introducing increased security measures.

At Airports and Venues Peden works conscientiously to overcome the complex logistical challenges that these security concerns generate to allow our clients to continue unhindered in their quest to reach the top of their Sport.