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Miami, Mexico, Shanghai and The Queen's 90th Birthday!!!

20th March 2016

Spring is sprung in Europe as Peden embarks on a very exciting 2016 Season!


For the 2nd time LGCT heads to Miami Beach. Perhaps the most exotic and unique location on the LGCT!!

As we move towards April Peden are preparing to fly 100 of our top European Show Jumpers to this wonderful Beach! On arrival our European horses will join 200+ US based horses for one of the most exciting competitions of the Season!

As the competition gets underway and the riders, grooms and their support staff are focussing on competing and winning, Peden are already preparing for the smooth departure of our precious cargo.


The next stop on the Tour is Mexico City, a new venue for LGCT and a new venue for international showjumping at this level.

The horses will have a short flight across the Gulf of Mexico before touching down in one of the most vibrant and cosmpolitan cities in South America.

After a short drive to the venue the horses will have time to relax in  the top class equestrian facilities provided by the LGCT.

As the competition comes to a close Peden will begin the process of preparing to return these elite equine athletes back home to Europe.


As these amazing riders head on to Antwerp (3rd leg on the LGCT) Peden will be making the preparations to fly the world's leading showjumpers out to Shanghai.

One of our favourite cities on the LGCT the 100 EU Based horses are hosted in an incredibly quiet and tranquil venue deep in the centre of the metropolis of Shanghai for the 4th leg of the LGCT tour.

HMQ90 - The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations

As we return from Shanghai and our Showjumpers head on to Hamburg Peden relocates to Windsor for one of the most anticipated equestrian events on the Calendar.

As the Nominated Equestrian Transport and Logistics Provider to the HMQ90 team we are responsible for the safe transport, arrival and departure of all visiting equines from UK to as far afield as Canada, Oman and Azerbaijan.

Over 90 minutes, 900 horses and more than 1,500 participants from around the United Kingdom and the World will create a joyful event for The Queen. The 90-year journey will take us from the excitement of the birth, through to World War Two, her marriage, the coronation and a reign of more than 60 years. The Celebration will use horses, actors, bands and dancers to tell the story.