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Donbass Tour

The Donbass Tour 2013!

5th September 2013

The Exclusive Donbass Equi-Centre in Donetsk is the location for the prestigious 5* Show Jumping Competition being held in the Ukraine this weekend.

Transported by Peden Bloodstock, the International horses travelled to the Ukraine in style yesterday aboard their own private aircraft. 

Crucially the horses were accompanied on this three and a half hour flight by very experienced rider's grooms; alongside Peden's own Professional Flying Grooms George Roth and Richard Picken.  

All horses arrived safely into Donetsk airport and transferred to the Show Venue which is located approx 50mins away.

Following the horse inspection and warm up round on Friday afternoon, the competition will begin in earnest on Saturday.

With a total prize money of €1, 000,000 over the weekend the atmosphere at this exclusive show ground is set to be electric....

The Donbass Tour Website provides further information about this weekend's competition which is the 5th Edition of the Donetsk Show.


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