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Preparing for a flight at the World Games in 2010

Planning & Preparation

Peden provides a Comprehensive Planning & Organisation Service wherever you are moving your horse to or from in the World.


Permanent Import, Temporary Import or Re-entry

Peden Bloodstock will organise everything you need to import your horse into Europe. Whether it be a permanent import, temporary import or re-entry we will make all the transportation and customs arrangements for you.

As well as the transportation arrangements we will also take care of all veterinary and customs clearances.

We will organise the onward transportation to the stables if requested.

An Elite & Affordable Service

We will work with the airlines and trucking companies to ensure that the comfort, safety and welfare of your horse has the highest priority during transport. We will ensure that we find the most cost-effective solutions to your transport requirements.


Throughout Europe & Worldwide

Peden Bloodstock will organise everything you need to transport your horse to another country in Europe or to a country outside of Europe. Peden Bloodstock have an established history of facilitating shipments to some of the most exotic destinations in the world. 

Diverse, Unique & Novel Destinations

Peden continue to ship horses to more and more diverse locations and would be pleased to provide you with all the information you require whether your horse is being moved on a temporary or a permanent basis.

We urge you to contact us as soon as you begin to consider the movement of your horse. Health requirements are varied and some protocols may require up to several months to complete.

You can find details of health protocols in the Veterinary Section of this website. However please be assured that we would always provide you with specific advice for your horse; including working closely with your veterinarian to schedule any required testing; and making arrangements on your behalf for pre-export quarantine for countries where this is necessary.

You may also wish to take equipment, feed or bedding with your horse. We will take care of all of the documentary requirements for you.


Our Exceptional International Capability

Peden Bloodstock will organise everything you need to transport your horse from one 3rd country to another (ie travel between two non-European countries).  We are highly experienced in the arrangement and provision of such movements for clients worldwide.

Health and Customs Requirements vary widely across the world and we will work with our global contacts to ensure that every formality is taken care of to ensure that your horse travels comfortably, efficiently and safely stable to stable. We will manage all aspects of the shipment including securing air freight space, provision of customs documents, veterinary clearance and ground transportation.

Our Commitment

No matter where in the world your horse is located the preparation of your horse for travel including blood tests, quarantine, residency and provision of all certification will be intensely managed every step of the way by Peden Bloodstock.

Once on the road and in the air your horse will always be under the care of Peden staff. We will ensure that you are provided with updates as the journey progresses so that you can always be reassured of the comfort, safety and location of your horse.

Managing all aspects of shipment. Airline, Ground transportation, Customs, veterinary clearance, transit documentation, comfort of your horse during transits and all associated formalities.



Every country has its own regulations governing import of horses – health, quarantine and customs requirements vary throughout the world. Peden Bloodstock will take care of all arrangements to ensure that your horse moves safely, swiftly and smoothly from stable to stable.

Peden Bloodstock will undertake all aspects of the planning, preparation and logistics of your horse’s movement. 

So all you need to do is contact us and we will do the rest…..