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Fiona McCormack

Fiona McCormack

Director / VetMB MRCVS

Tel: +44 (0) 7748 864089

Fiona McCormack

Director / VetMB MRCVS

Fiona is a qualified Veterinarian specialising in Equine and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine and is Peden's in-house Veterinary Adviser. Prior to joining Peden Fiona worked throughout the UK specialising in high level disease control and implementation of animal health related legislation.

Fiona was seconded to Hong Kong during the Olympic Games in 2008 where she led in all fields related to disease control, quarantine and import and export matters for the Government of Hong Kong.

Fiona joined Peden in 2009 to lead in all health related matters for the World Equestrian Games in Lexington and the Asian Games in China. As well as Project leading the WEG alongside Martin and Henry; Fiona successfully established entry and exit protocols for all horses entering/departing the USA for competition. Fiona also advised on the design and operation of the temporary quarantine facility that was constructed at Cincinnati Airport.

Fiona led negotiations between the Chinese Ministry and the Ministries of those participating at the Asian Games successfully establishing entry and re-export protocols for Guangzhou, China in 2010. Additionally Fiona assisted the Ministry and the O.C to establish Comprehensive Event and Contingency S.O.Ps.

Fiona is expert at:

• Liaising with government veterinarians throughout the world to establish sensible risk based health protocols which permit the unhindered movement of equines and enable them to arrive in peak condition fitness.

• Establishing Event Standard Operating Procedures to satisfy the needs of governments throughout the world thereby permitting unhindered return of equines to their countries of origin even in the face of disease outbreak.

• Establishing Show contingency plans for action in the event of illness, disease or injury.

• Leading Peden projects and teams during planning and operational phases of projects to ensure the highest standards of delivery.

With her in depth knowledge of FEI, EU, OIE, Veterinary and Federation requirements Fiona is highly skilled in leading both the health and logistics aspects of projects through to completion. Fiona travels widely to international FEI competitions and has an excellent working relationship with the National Federations and their governments on a personal level.